Kristen's Meow


Story Behind the Name:

  1. My first word was cat - a very strong hint to my family in regards to my future/present love with cats.
  2. Ty and I have lengthy conversations, all in "meows," of course.
  3. There's that saying "the cat's meow" - well, this is my meow, where I'll be creating things that speak to me and discussing things that interest me, and sharing things that I believe everyone should have knowledge of!

What to Expect from My Blog:

Ramblings of things I find interesting as well as topics that I believe are important to discuss/be aware of.

Sooo, most likely that will include things like standard of food in the U.S., food recipes that I think are amazing, sexuality and how it affects us in the modern day, cats, alternative medicine, my own personal experiences (i.e. bullying, body image, traveling, etc), and anything else that I would like to share!

I am also going to do a sort of time-capsule thing which will consist of entries that I hope my future children will be able to read as well as future me!  Growing up I would often think to myself "When I'm a mom, I'm going to make sure I do..." - as I think many of us did!  My hope is that by doing this, I'll be able to not only give me kids a unique glimpse into the inner workings of their mom and her life prior to them existing, but also so that I myself can refer back to what a younger me would've thought/done in particular situations.

I'll begin by giving you the facts:

  • I am 22 years of age
  • I live in the endlessly sunny LA County...
  • ...with my cat, Ty, and my boyfriend, Jonathan
  • I am a Virgo (hence why I'm giving you the facts!)
  • I become more of what many call "conscious" each and every day
  • I create artwork and dream catchers
  • I enjoy learning and sharing what I learn with others - that way we're all informed!
  • I believe that everyone (not just girls) shouldn't judge themselves based off of the unrealistic and fake standards society has created
  • I struggle each and every day to do that 
  • I have my degree in interior design
  • I enjoy meditating, cooking, talking, drawing, reading, Netflix, and taking nature pictures
  • I really dislike when people use incorrect grammar - especially via text
  • I am half white and half Mexican
  • I consider myself to be "Independent" when it comes to politics
  • I easily see both sides to every conflict, often leading to me being very indecisive
  • I like lounging in my onesie
  • My favorite food is cookies
  • I try my best to eat only organic food and not consume any gluten or dairy
  • ​I would like to be a stay-at-home mom when the time to build my family comes


Like many people out there on this planet, I want to do something that I actually enjoy doing.  I do not want to have a "job," I want to have a fulfilling passion!  I want to spend my time doing things that fill my heart with joy and make me smile, even when I may be stressed out doing them.

What to Expect from My Products:

I make them all - every single thing you will find.  That being said, I want to also mention that no two products will ever be identical and I will energetically clear each item before it gets shipped out to you!  Some things, like glassware and ceramics, I will have purchased or recycled from a plain, non-decorated state, and then transformed it into something new.

Plus, being a striving artist myself, I want to make sure that everything I plan to sell will be affordable - meaning that I myself could actually afford to buy what I am selling!  I don't think that anyone should have to go without pretty things in their life just because of a price tag!

Who is Kristen?

What is Kristen's Meow?

One of my favorite quotes!