Kristen's Meow


Gibbous Moon Dream Catcher

This dream catcher represents the phase right before/after the full moon - perfect for any earthy, bohemian space!

Shabby-Chic Dream Catcher

​A  bohemian dream catcher with just the right amount of girly.  It's the perfect size to hang from your rear-view mirror!


Mini Pentagram Dream Catcher

This dream catcher features the bubbly colors of summer and is the perfect size for your car or keychain!

Gold Mandala Ceramic Salad Plate

​This hand painted ceramic plate is just what you need to add a touch of bohemian glamour to your dinnerware set!

Native American Inspired Dream Catcher

​A rustic and natural dream catcher composed of exposed grapevine and vibrant bird feathers that will bring a touch of the oudoors into any space.


Star Mandala Dream Catcher

This dream catcher combines a traditional weave on the inner hoop and a unique star weave on the outer hoop.  SOLD OUT

Mini Sun Dream Catcher

A sunny and bright dream catcher that's the perfect size for your car or keychain!

A quick note about the ceramics...

Each ceramic piece that has been hand painted has then been baked in order to make the design permanent.  Hand washing is recommended!

A quick note about the dream catchers...

Each dream catcher is hand woven either around a metal hoop or natural grapevine.  All feathers used are  actual bird feathers unless noted otherwise!